European Centre for Facility Management

The importance of the EU is ever increasing. Currently, however, there is no organisation that defends the common interest of the FM sector, despite the fact that there are around 15,000 lobbyists in Brussels. The European Centre for Facility Management has been established to rectify that omission. It is based in Brussels.

25 years after its European introduction FM produces 7% of EU27 GDP. It is the largest business service industry and, despite the economic crisis, continues to grow. With the publication of EN15221 our profession has matured. It is now time to make our voice heard in Brussels on behalf of European providers of facility services.

ECFM's mission is to promote the social and economic benefits of including providers of facility services in achieving smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. Success in today’s global market starts with developing a strong pan-European base and creating convergence with horizontal and vertical peers. Together with the European Institutions, business services peers and built environment stakeholders, we aim to stimulate policies that facilitate and integrate European people, places and processes.

We believe we can help to strengthen the competitiveness of your organisation and assist you in working with your clients, customers and end-users.

We invite you to become a member of ECFM.

Jos Duchamps